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Heidi Potter is a professional horsewomen who has spent a lifetime in the company of horses. She is well-known and respected for her clear, kind and consistent style of teaching and training. Horses and humans alike benefit from her extensive knowledge and gentle approach. In 1997 Heidi began her journey with Centered Riding. She lived just minutes from Centered Riding’s founder, the late Miss Sally Swift. As one of only 28 CR Clinicians in the United States, Heidi assists riders of all disciplines and abilities to find improved comfort, confidence, communication and balance in the saddle. 


As a natural-style trainer, Heidi is passionate about improving the understanding, communication and overall relationship between horses and their humans. She specializes in the gentle and progressive way of working with horses. Her ability to read the horse and progress calmly and clearly has proven successful in building trusting and respectful partnerships. Through her work as a CHA (Certified Horsemanship Association) Master Instructor & Clinician she educates and certifies riding instructors to help ensure more safe practices in the equine industry.


Centered Riding/Natural Horsemanship w/ Heidi Potter

February 17-24, 2018


This holistic equestrian retreat taught by Centered Riding Clinician and Natural Style Trainer, Heidi Potter, is designed to lead participants to a more safe, enjoyable and trusting relationship with horses. Gentle training techniques combined with Centered Riding philosophies offer a well-rounded program. The clinic will begin with ground exercises for the humans, move onto in-hand sessions with the horses, followed by application under saddle. Our mounted sessions begin in the arena and progress to the beautiful trails and beaches of Costa Rica. This format helps participants gain new insights and safely establish respect, confidence and trust with their equine partners. This retreat will also include plenty of time for relaxation, restoration and adventure!


Heidi combines her years of study in traditional Martial Arts with the basics and philosophies of Centered Riding. Her students learn how self-awareness and mindfulness will improve their ability to understand their horses, leading them to a more harmonious and enjoyable relationship.


  • Learn groundwork & riding skills that build trust and confidence for horse and rider


  • Learn Centered Riding techniques for improved riding position, balance, comfort and communication with your horse


  • Enjoy practicing your new skills as you ride out in the beautiful Costa Rican countryside of jungles, rivers, winding roads, fields and beaches



Place your $750 non-refundable deposit today! But before you do, please be familiar with our Retreats page and our cancellation and weight policies. Prices include seven nights accommodation, three meals per day, yoga classes, massage, ground transportation & equestrian program. 


Visit our Accommodations page for a detailed description of each room.


Rooms & Rates
Deluxe Room w/ Private Bath - $3450  
Private Room w/ Private Bath - $3200
Private Room w/ Shared Bath - $3050 
Small Private Room w/ Shared Bath - $2850 
Shared Room w/ Shared Bath - $2850 twin bed; $2950 king bed 
Rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Secure your reservation by placing a deposit and selecting your room below. A confirmation email will be sent after receiving your deposit.

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