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Margaret Burns Vap is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur in Bozeman, Montana. She's a former city-girl fashionista transformed by yoga and motherhood into an outdoorsy Montana cowgirl who still loves a latte.


Margaret is the founder of Big Sky Yoga Retreats and creator of Cowgirl Yoga. Her relationship with yoga began over a decade ago, in a bid to combat a hectic New York City lifestyle and a corporate career with cosmetics giant L’Oreal. A few years and several hundred down dogs later, Margaret knew that the corporate world no longer held her future, so switching her designer duds for comfy pants - and NYC for Washington DC - she combined her business know-how with her passion for yoga and created Georgetown Yoga, one of DC's most popular yoga studios in the early 2000s. Margaret brings that same recipe for yoga success to Montana, where she leads retreats for women under the Big Sky that include yoga and horses, yoga and hiking, and yoga and Yellowstone. She also founded a program called Cowgirls vs. Cancer, that provides scholarships to breast cancer survivors each year; these cancer kickin’ cowgirls attend a Cowgirl Yoga retreat for healing with horses and yoga.


Margaret was an Athleta sponsored athlete in 2008 and has written over 25 yoga tutorials (and counting!) for their Chi blog. She has been featured on lifebyme.com. Margaret has been asked to speak on career transition and, of course, yoga; she presented as a "Made in Montana" success story at the 2012 Women's Small Business Opportunity Workshop put on by Montana's Senator Tester. She authors a blog called Cowgirl Yoga: Montana musings on life under the Big Sky, motherhood, food, horses, and last but not least, yoga. Her philosophy = Add a little Yeehaw to your Namaste. For more about Margaret visit Big Sky Yoga Retreats: www.bigskyyogaretreats.com/teachers.html. 

Luxe Cowgirl Yoga Cleanse w/ Margaret Burns Vap

November 6-13, 2016 


Looking for a chance to reboot your system before the holiday rush? Imagine a week of yoga, horses, nature and a cleanse to kickstart your health and immunity - a cowgirl yogini's dream come true! Explore how these elements can put you in touch with your potential and teach you a lot about yourself. We'll practice yoga, spend time with horses, get to know Costa Rica, be pampered with a massage and support one another on our detoxing journey. This week will leave you feeling energized and rejuvenated and will clear out old and stagnant energy in the body and mind.


LUXE Cowgirl Yoga Cleanse is like it sounds - think laid-back luxury, with a healthy twist, Costa Rican style! Yoga with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Fresh tropical fare designed by our personal chef to support your body’s natural ability to heal itself and rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. Enjoying a dip with the horses in the river and riding through the jungle and on the open beach. 


Come join fellow wanna-be cowgirls for yoga and fun in and out of the saddle for Cowgirl Yoga Cleanse in Costa Rica. We'll explore the links between yoga, riding, cleansing, mindfulness and your overall well-being. Through yoga, meditation, breathing, the horse-human connection and our dietary choices we will learn how to improve balance in the body and mind.


Why cleanse? So much of the food we consume is processed and filled with additives, preservatives and chemicals. Our digestive system can become bogged down and we might not be getting all of the nutrients we need. A nutritious cleanse will give us a kick-start to our health - supporting our healing process and getting us back into balance, physically and mentally. Our chef and detox expert, Meg Pearson, will guide us through the week with delicious and alkalizing food (check out our Team page for more info or visit her website for more information on cleansing and her expertise).  


We will ease into and out of the cleanse, giving our bodies time to adjust. We will NOT go hungry! We will be supported with delicious juices, smoothies, nutritious raw food meals and snacks and lightly cooked vegetables and fish (for those who choose). The cleanse will NOT be rigid - everyone’s body needs something different. The best part is that you will be receiving the support of fellow cowgirls and cleansers to encourage you on the path!


Place your $750 non-refundable deposit today! But before you do, please be familiar with our Retreats page and our Cancellation and Weight policies. Prices include seven nights accommodation, three meals per day, yoga classes, massage, ground transportation & equestrian program. See our General Info page for more info on what is included.


Visit our Accommodations page for a detailed description of each room


Rooms & Rates

Family Suite - shared room, twin bed (2) - $2950 

Family Suite - shared room, king bed - $3000 

Downstairs Bedroom 1 - shared room, twin bed (2) - $2950 

Downstairs Bedroom 2 - private room/bath, king bed - $3250 

Master Bedroom - shared room, twin bed - $2900 

Master Bedroom - shared room, king bed - $2950 

Bedroom 1 - private room, shared bath, king bed - $3150

Bedroom 2 - private room, shared bath, queen bed - $3150 

Bedroom 3 - private room, shared bath, double bed - $3050 

Bedroom 4 - private room, shared bath, twin bed - $2900 


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