All of our horses were bought and trained here in Costa Rica. Many of them were rescues. They are like family to us and are cared for as such. They all have training in western pleasure and varying degrees of training in other areas such as dressage, jumping and 3-day eventing. The horses can accommodate a wide range of riding styles and experience levels. Costa Rican horses are on the smaller side and are known for having smooth gaits, being eager to please and for having huge hearts. Come spend a week with our wonderful horses and fall in love. Disclaimer: this section is in need of updating! We have over 20 horses that we use for retreats...more images and descriptions coming soon.


Georgia is a spirited young mare that is currently learning the ropes. She is appropriate for clinics focused on groundwork and how to prepare a horse for work in the saddle.


Colosso is great on the trails and in the arena.


Ozzie is a total sweetheart. He is a handsome paint gelding with a great spirit. He loves the trails and jumping and is always trying to get the other horses to play in the field. 


Frisco is a handsome Criollo gelding who is intelligent with a lot of energy. He prefers a confident and experienced rider who will offer him challenges. Frisco is one of Heidi's horse children :-)


Belinda is another sweet pony. She is a great pony for less experienced riders and kids. She is a mischievous pony (read as an escape artist) but is excellent under the saddle and a good jumper.


Dakota is a great horse for more experienced riders. He is a great dressage horse and loves the trails and showing off just how handsome he is.


Jinx is an older gentlemen who sometimes acts like a cranky pants but really is a big softy. He is great for beginners and building confidence. Jinx is happy riding western or taking a few jumps.


Rio is a very sweet horse with a huge heart. He has an extremely comfortable gait and is appropriate for all levels of riders on the trail. He loves a good race.

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