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Holistic Horsemanship


Horses have been recognized for centuries and across cultures as being spiritual creatures capable of taking us to new heights. The horse symbolizes freedom, power and beauty and has been a cornerstone of human civilization. Horses have carried us through wars and to new frontiers and pulled carts and plows and herded cattle to feed us. Nowadays they jump obstacles, do fancy footwork and race their hearts out to earn us ribbons and money or carry us across the countryside to bring us relaxation. Horses have also more recently been recognized as being excellent therapists (even beyond physical therapy) due to their innate ability to act as mirrors of our emotional state. Our relationship with horses has always been complicated. Training methods and lifestyle choices have not always been in the best interest of the horse, but it seems that a positive new direction is forming that recognizes the horse as an amazing partner that deserves respect, love and gratitude. While horses are no longer primarily used for transportation, they continue to be a source of great pleasure and inspiration for many and carry us towards a closer understanding of our true nature and spirit.


At the same time, our human society is becoming more individualized and compartmentalized. Humans are largely viewed as separate from nature and from each other, the spirit and mind separate from the body, food separate from the natural environment and illnesses treated independently. In addition, particularly in the West, we are brought up to believe that success is measured by what we do and what we have and not who we are and how we are living our lives. This increasing emphasis on individuality and what it means to be “successful” have contributed to a society where many people are lonely despite being surrounded by other people, plagued with anxiety, discontent with their career, relationships and life in general and searching for higher meaning. Many of us find ourselves preoccupied with the past (regrets) or future (desires) and neglect the present moment – which is where we generally find those moments of blissful peace and contentment. Horses and yoga can help! Working with horses and practicing yoga can help us to live more fully in the present moment and to live a more purposeful life.


With this in mind, we decided to create equestrian retreats that are holistic in scope, incorporating yogic philosophy, natural horsemanship principles, equine therapy concepts, healthy living choices and an emphasis on the interconnectedness of all things to help our guests re-center and hopefully incorporate some of these principles into their day-to-day lives when they return home. Our retreats offer a bit of sanctuary from the hectic lives that most people lead and give people a real opportunity to relax, re-center and rejuvenate using the medium of the horse to create a more joyful and soulful life. Our retreats are great for those who have always dreamed of being closer to horses to make that leap as well as for those who are avid equestrians eager for another adventure with horses.


For Life and In the Saddle


  1. Live (and ride) in the present moment! Become a witness to your mind/emotions

  2. Live soulfully – Be kind, generous, loving, patient, honest and compassionate with yourself, others and your horse (observe the yamas and niyamas)

  3. Embrace a holistic view of horsemanship, the environment and your community

  4. Focus more on how you are living your life, not what you do or have

  5. Be healthy and get organized – Get rid of clutter and be goal oriented 

  6. Find your balance – find ways to balance work, play, relaxation and exercise 

  7. Be flexible – change is inevitable so look for the open door that is created with every door that closes

  8. Meditate and practice yoga

  9. RIDE! And sometimes just BE with horses and nature

  10. Listen to your intuition and your horse – he/she is trying to tell you something very important but you have to figure out the message

  11.  Tread lightly on this planet – recycle, reuse, minimize and respect the environment (e.g., don't disturb wildlife or take souvenirs from the wild such as shells)